Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Our OEM solutions consist of Proprietary Products and Custom Development & Manufacturing Services. Over 80 long-term customers in the IVD industry source immunoassays and biomaterials from us – in fact, six out of the top-ten IVD manufacturers are our clients – and we are consistently rated as a top-quality supplier.



Clinical Software

We are committed to developing secure, efficient and innovative clinical applications and laboratory instrumentation systems. Our solutions enhance patient care and facilitate the management of information in hospitals and laboratories around the world.



Clinical Chemistry

We offer easy-to-use clinical laboratory instrumentation and reagents for chemistry and pharma-toxicology labs. Our unique solutions are used to diagnose conditions such as diabetes as well as to identify drug abuse.


Instrumentation Laboratory

Infectious Disease Serology

Our experience in different IVD technologies allows us to offer a wide array of immunoassay tools for infectious diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis (A, B, C), ToRCH (infections of a developing fetus or a newborn baby), Chagas (tropical parasitic disease) and retroviruses (HIV and HTLV).



Infusion Therapy

Our single-use, continuous-infusion systems enhance patient care by accelerating recovery time and increasing patient mobility.