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Presidency handover at Werfen, world leader in in vitro diagnostics

Barcelona - December 17, 2018

Barcelona, December 17, 2018. - Since Werfen was founded, more than 50 years ago, the Rubiralta family has always been fully committed to its growth and future. In January 2012, Jordi Rubiralta was appointed President of the company and, following the death of Werfen founder, José Maria Rubiralta, ownership of the company passed to the four Rubiralta Giralt brothers and, therefore, the next generation. The family-run business has continued to enjoy positive results and excellent performance, and the family’s other economic and social activities have also experienced continued growth.  All of these activities have been coordinated and directed by the Family Council, a body that is becoming increasingly important as the main decision-maker across the family enterprises. 

With the aim of better managing both Werfen and the Family Council, and in full unanimous agreement, the four brothers have decided to implement the following organizational changes:

- A new position, President of the Family Council, has been created, and Jordi Rubiralta Giralt will assume this role from January 1, 2019. His function will be to coordinate the business activities, including social projects and property investments of the four Rubiralta Giralt brothers. In order to assume this new and demanding responsibility, he will leave his current position as President of Werfen and focus on the transfer of knowledge and professional experience to the rest of the family initiatives. During his tenure, Jordi Rubiralta’s key successes include reinforcing the position of Werfen as a global leader through commercial expansion in the United States and China, and fostering significant professionalization within the company. Other milestones include celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the company, the acquisitions of Tem, an expert company in viscoelastic technology for blood transfusion management, and Accriva Diagnostics, a leader in point-of-care for hemostasis in operating theaters and intensive care, and significant investment in the new Biokit technology center in Barcelona.

- Marc Rubiralta Giralt will be appointed President of Werfen on January 1, 2019. Marc holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from ESADE, and has previously worked at Deloitte, and for Werfen in Spain and China as Chief Financial Officer. For the last four years, he has been Chairman of the Medical Devices division and a member of the Executive Committee, the top governance body within Werfen.

These changes are aligned with the long-term view, commitment and determination that the four brothers have for Werfen, and the other economic and social activities of the family.

As we approach the close of this financial year, Werfen is again poised to post positive results and growth. The process of integrating the latest acquisitions from 2016 and 2017 is now complete and expectations continue favorable.

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